October Webinar

As we know, the vehicles we have to invite students to explore the cities where they go to school and to introduce them to employers in our regions are limited this semester. This webinar highlights a city’s solution to that challenge using a best-practice digital engagement strategy that connects talent on campus to place and opportunity.

Talent in the Age of Covid-19

On Thursday, May 28, the Young Smart and Local network gathered via Zoom to hear three great ideas to steal to help retain college talent in the age of Covid-19. The full Zoom meeting video is available below. Also, here are some results from our real-time survey during the webinar that included 96 people from 27 cities. View Survey Results (PDF)

2019 Conference | Philadelphia, PA

Campus Philly, the nationally-known talent retention initiative in Philadelphia, and Action Greensboro, national-model for collaborative philanthropic investment in economic development, hosted a conference in Philadelphia on April 9 & 10, 2019. It was designed to inform and engage leaders from higher education, business, government, economic development, and community organizations on best practices around talent growth and attraction. Read more
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