Growing Talent Case Study #2: Detroit, MI

Although on the rise, Detroit still struggles to retain talent as more than a third of college graduates leave the state within one year of obtaining their degree. So far there hasn’t been a collaborative, region-wide initiative to retain and attract talent but Let’s Detroit changed all of that.

After a year of research, the Detroit Regional Chamber and almost 100 partners launched Let’s Detroit in September as ‘stage one’ of a website, texting function, social media strategy and programming all focused on helping people “find their place” across Southeast Michigan. The platform’s most unique aspect is the Text a Detroiter function where anyone in the world can text anyone in Detroit to get a local ambassador’s recommendations on places to live, things to do, professional networking or ways to make an impact. (Try it out – it’s pretty cool!)

Dedicated to improving equitable talent outcomes for the region, Let’s Detroit is an iterative project that will grow and change over time. For now the initiative is testing innovative solutions to address complex problems, and listening and changing all the way through.